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The business life cycle*

Navigate the 6 Stages of Business Development

Every business is unique, with diverse products, services, and target audiences. However, the overall process and progression remain consistent across various industries. By understanding the business life cycle and identifying your current stage, you can strategically plan your next move and pave the way for continued growth and success.

*Note: Business life cycle models may vary, ranging from three to ten stages. We’ve outlined six key stages to provide a comprehensive overview.


The Ideation Stage

Transform your thoughts and ideas into a viable business concept.


The Development Stage

Refining your idea, conducting market research, and creating a solid business plan.


The Startup Stage

Bring your products or services to life through production & launch your business in the market.


The Growth Stage

Expand your business by generating consistent revenue, attracting new customers, and increasing market share.


The Maturity Stage

Maintain a stable level of sales and profits while exploring new opportunities for diversification or innovation.


The Transition Stage

Adapt to changing market conditions, evolving customer needs, and emerging technologies to ensure long-term success.

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