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We made it easier than ever to start an online business. Follow the Seven Simple Steps below to get your dream website up and running in no time! 
1. Choose your Design

Select one of our professional and easy to use WordPress website designs. Starting your online business with one of our design can ease the stress of developing from scratch which allows you to focus on other areas of your business. All our websites are created by professional web design experts.

2. Select the Services

Decide on the addition services you want with your website. Your website includes services such as SSL certificate, WordPress managed hosting, website installation, SEO setup and 60 days free customer support.

3. Submit your Details

After choosing the website design and the additional services your require, please fill out the project form. During the first initial call, we will collect additional information from you to setup your website on our web server.

We will need your desired domain name you want to register,  the data center you want to use and other basic details.

4. Make a Payment

To get your website started, the total cost of your website will be split in two halfs. The first half will be needed to start developing your website and the second half will be require once your website is completely created.

5.We Setup Your Website

After receiving payment, our professional team will start working on setting up your website with your desired submitted domain name and your chosen data center (or our data center). This process can take a maximum of 24 hours to setup the website that is selected. After the setup process is completed, one of our content specialist will contact you to start the content creation process (if content creation is a selected service).

6. Send Complete Access

Once your website is completed, we will email you the complete access details of your hosting control panel and WordPress login credentials (username and password). Now you are the boss of your own online business!

If you need any help or want any clarification regarding billing or technical support, you can take advantage of your 60 day free support and contact our Customer Support team. They are ready to help you.

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Have a question?

Reading the Frequently Asked Questions can help to answer questions you may have. Or Contact Us to have one of our team members answer any questions or concerns you may have.


What are Trendy Ready Websites?

Trendy Ready Websites are niche-specific websites that are designed to focus on a particular subset of a larger market with the ultimate objective of monetization.

To be successful with a niche site, you need to:

  • Using a website builder, create a niche website (WordPress)
    Conduct keyword research and create high-quality content that is search engine optimized (SEO).
  • Work on collecting backlinks from credible sites in your niche (DA).
  • Update your blogs on a regular to start ranking on Google search engine results pages (SERPs).
What does the setup fee cover?
The $698 setup fee covers our time to configure your selected website onto your WordPress account, change the colors to match your brand, remove any sections you don’t want, load your content and add the necessary plugins. If you need to add any new sections or add features please contact us.
How long does the setup process take?

Once you’ve submitted your final content, it usually takes approximately 24-38 business days. A staging site will be provided to you for evaluation and approval. If everything is in order, we will launch your website. Throughout the process, we will work with you one on one. From beginning to end.

Can I get full access to my website?

Yes, after your website is created and set up with the necessities, we will email you all of the credentials for your WordPress website admin details. Your WordPress website will have full editor control (dashboard access). Your only restriction will be access to specialized plugins.

Will you add content on my site?

We will set up your Trendy Ready Website with any provided content and images. If you want to custom content, our content specialist can create content according to your requirement. You can contact our support team anytime and give your requirements.

Do you provide custom website design?

Yes, you can contact our support team for more information.

Are the images on the website include?
Yes. All of the photos on Trendy Ready Websites are from royalty-free sources like and You must adhere to their license requirements.


Can I use any website for eCommerce?

Yes, any website can be converted to an eCommerce site. We can install WooCommerce so you can upload your products for sale and add your payment methods at an additional cost.

Are the eCommerce website products real?

No, it is not real products. It is a dummy product for website demonstration purposes.

Can you change and upgrade my plan anytime?

Yes, if you want to upgrade and change your plan whether it is regarding your hosting server or website, you can contact our support agent anytime.

Will you set up the website on my hosting server?

Yes, we will set up the website on your hosting server. We need your web hosting cPanel/WordPress website credentials to set up the website on your server. This is the case if you chose not to use our server.

Do I need a domain name?

Yes. Purchase and provide us with your domain (ex: and we will assist you in connecting it to your WordPress website.

Is hosting included?

No. We will provided you with a listing of recommended hosting provider at a discounted price. 

Do you provide marketing service?

Our website,, is an eCommerce platform where you can compare all of the pricing for any service offering. There are no hidden costs, we reveal all service costs. See for yourself here.