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eCommerce Integration*


eCommerce Integration is the methodology of updating a website to include online sales capability (eCommerce). Adding eCommerce add-ons will transform any BGT website into an eCommerce platform. The eCommerce Integration add-on will enable you to handle sales, inventory, and shipping all in one spot. READ MORE

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eCommerce Integration allows you to build a login membership on your website where clients can keep their orders and receive auto-emails after making a purchase. Additionally, the shopping cart CMS will assist you in tracking orders, weekly sales, user information and the usage of numerous delivery methods. After installing eCommerce Integration on your website, you can easily manage the platform on your own with some instructions.

This add-on service includes

7 Product Upload
7 Payment Buttons
One-Time / Recurring
Product Image Upload

Title, Description, Price
1 Payment Method
Related Products
Price with Shipping

Billing Authentication
Order Receipt Email
Terms & Policies
30 Mins Training

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