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Instagram for Business


One of the most popular photo-sharing networks is Instagram. It’s a great approach to extend your business’s reach and increase customer engagement. Instagram business tools help business owners succeed, from gathering data to selling products. READ MORE

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Instagram for Business

Instagram offers three marketing options: awareness, consideration, and conversion. These campaigns are designed to attract new audiences, convert them to leads by gathering contact information for further nurturing, and finally convert leads to paying customers. The Instagram business page setup includes a new Instagram page, profile picture, cover and optimization. Each new campaign includes Account Setup, Goal & Audience Setup, Campaign & Ad Set Setup, Demographic Setup, Page URL Submission, and Daily Budget Setup.

Awareness Campaign

Use the "Brand Awareness" or "Reach" advertising to raise product, service, or brand awareness. Businesses who want to be recognized, get followers, and get their name out there should employ this method. This method also includes 2 Ad Designs / AB testing.

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Consideration Campaign

Direct visitors from Instagram to your selected URL (such as your website's homepage) to encourage them to think about your business and look for additional information about it online. Use this method to establish brand trust and improve interaction with your business. This method also includes four ad designs, AB testing, and lead event setup*.

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Conversion Campaign

Persuade visitors to complete useful activities on your website or app, such as registering for an event, adding an item to a shopping cart, or making a purchase. This method also includes six Ad Designs / AB Testing, Lead Event Setup* and Lead Form Design**.

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* We'll need a landing page/sales page, a thank you/checkout page, and email marketing forms to set up a Lead Event. **Instagram Lead Forms are designed to work with your email or email marketing application.

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